steel service centre

Steel Service Center (SSC) is an organization which has facilities for processing, packing, warehousing anzd distribution of Steel Coils and Sheets in order to facilitate the primary manufacturer concentrate on manufacturing of Coils by helping them in processing, packing and final delivery of material to the customers in the shape and at the exact time as is required by the customer.

Because of the ability of the SSC to deliver material to the consumer 'just in time' primarily due to its proximity to the consumer, it not only helps the consumer reduce its inventory, it helps the primary manufacturer also in reducing the stocks that it would require to keep for its customers by keeping minimum inventory in the form of Mother Coils and processing only in the sizes as and when required by them rather than maintaining stocks in each and every size and grade required by each customer at the local Depot.

Also serving the consumer directly from the plant is not feasible as providing just in time deliveries would not be possible logistically. Thus, it is not only the quality of processing that is important, it is the ability to handle large volumes consistently that is equally important for the SSC as it is the extended arm of its primary manufacturer and represents him at the front end of the supply chain.